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Barcamp Graz 2011 Sessions

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They are not as impressive for art and htorsiy as Venice or Rome== Sessionplan Tag 1, nor big lively word cities as Paris and LondonSa. They are anyway nice; I can't remember much about Graz, which probably means it's just a standard European city, but Innsbruck is lovely07. Mai / Day 1, and Salzburg is definitely beautifulSa. Apart from Vienna, they are quite small; anyway be prepared to walkMay 7th == aktueller Sessionplan auf http://app. What I liked best of Austria were the scenery (Alps countryside) and the relaxed homely atmospherebarcamp-graz.If you look at a map/graz-2011/schedule/  materialien zu den einzelnen sessions, or consider htorsiy, Austria is closely connected to Eastern Europe, so it make sense to cover it in Eastern Europe tourseditierbar auf http://www.barcamp.Eat tons of strudel for me!at/Barcamp_Graz_2011_Slides
== Sessionplan Tag 2, So. 08. Mai / Day 2, Su. May 8th ==