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Saturday Senza Confini 2008

79 Byte hinzugefügt, 19:59, 1. Feb. 2008
15:00 - Building a semantic-driven startup
[http://www.zemanta.com Zemanta] is a new startup that is working on creating a mashable, open-API that suggest to you images, articles, links and tags for your text. In order to achieve this we built Open API interface and lots of plugins on top of it. Below the surface we use all the usual buzzword from Machine Learning, Natural Language processing and a bit of AI.
We're going to demo a bit of our stuff and be there to talk about semantic technologies and potential uses of this type of technologies. Also, if you're interested in [http://www.seedcamp.com Seedcamp, ] (we were part of it) or what it takes to try to raise Venture Capital and stuff - in London we're right in a middle of itcan also give you some advice
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