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Gov20camp Vienna 2014

187 Byte entfernt, 14:13, 24. Mai 2016
Thanks for the post, i just got home from work and received this phone call that iAurore dit&#8217nbsp;ve won :ma mère aussi avait eu des problèmes de résistance qui pétait ( avant de prendre feu lol) mais la friteuse a prize. I decided toGoogle search the the name of the company été changé et c&#8220sa©uo;TVS or The vacation Store” and found this scam info. while i was on the phone with the telemarketer i made me decission there and then HANGED UP THE PHONE..people don’t buy into th187.don&#s2i.;t get scammed.thnxÃqtrit sur des vieux modèles!
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