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Internet of Things CreateCamp

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== Reflexpress ==
* Ramon Huidobro
* Carina Pfann
* Tatyana Sandanova
* Pilar Huidobro
Ever get a message from a loved one and thought, ''"I wish I could reply back, but I'm busy. I don't want to just send them an impersonal canned message..."''?
Ever wanted to quickly ''let someone know you're thinking of them''? That you're okay and they have no cause to worry?
Want to send some cute puppy-seal-kitten-otter pictures to ''send someone some cheer''?
With the web platform, authenticate your telegram account, configure your settings to recipient and kind of message - and you're good to go! Just press, mash, hit, punch your OpenTrigger, and '''express''' your '''reflex''' at a '''press'''!
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