Time Management

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Notes on 'Time Management'

Presentation by Anthony Bull, International Organisation, doing this project in sparetime

About 12 years ago, started to use a paper day planner, because of a need to write down what he wanted to do. Then came the internet and palms, so the paper day planner got replaced. My world consists of calendar entries, tasks and notes. Which Outlook does for all of us. What I also wanted to track are goals, the time it takes to complete them. Not only in business life but also in personal life. Like learning a new language, places he wants to see, things he wants to cook,...

Anthony did that in Outlook. Then came Google Calendar, 43things and a bunch of other things. Now you spread all your things across web applications, your contacts in GMail, your tasks in Google Calendar and your goals in 43things. The special thing of 43things is, that you don't just write your goals down, but also build up some pressure on yourself, because you tell another group of people that you plan to do so.

Now the goal is to have all those things in one place, like in Outlook, but having the advantages to manage them with a web application. And as he is a Software Engineer, he thought of automating this. So he built up a plugin in Outlook, that works with the 43things API to publish the status of tasks in Outlook directly to 43things.