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We are looking very much forward seeing you at the BarCamp Klagenfurt 2009.

  • Please fill in your name in case of participation
  • If you want, leave your blog, twitter- or facebook-account
  • Add yourself to the "I will perhaps be there" list if you're not yet sure whether you'll be able come. This helps us plan catering etc.

If your are attending the BarCamp, please think about, how you will be able to participate. There is one strong BarCamp-Rule: Talk about BarCamp, talk about it with your friends and colleagues.

  • If you are having a blog, make a posting.
  • Are you having twitter? Let's twitter, etc.

Thanks a lot!

Teilnehmerliste / Participantlist

  • Please also indicate which shirt size you would prefer (S/M/L/XL/XXL) !!!
  • Bitte angeben, in welcher Größe ein eventuelles Shirt sein sollte (S/M/L/XL/XXL) !!!

I will definitely be there / Ich komme sicher

  1. Martin Gratzer, Klagenfurt Austria Blog | Photowalking | XING | Facebook | twitter (M)
  2. Georg Holzer, Klagenfurt, Austria Blog | Facebook | Twitter (M)
  3. Christian Lendl, Vienna, Austria Blog | TourismusKnowHow-Blog | XING | Twitter (M)
  4. Markus Ortner, Klagenfurt, Austria Panotopia | Blog | Twitter (XXL)
  5. Andreas Rosenthal, Wien, Austria Web | Twitter
  6. Christopher Atlan, Millstatt, Carinthia, Austria | | Twitter (S)
  7. Stefan More, Spittal, Austria Blog | XING | Facebook | Twitter (M)
  8. Daniel Hölbling, Klagenfurt, Austria Blog | Facebook | Twitter (XL)
  9. Dani Terbu, Wien, Austria Blog
  10. Robert Lender, Vienna, Austria Blog | WebPlausch | XING | Facebook | Twitter (XXL)
  11. Heinz Grünwald, Vienna, Austria Blog | XING | Facebook | Twitter (S)
  12. Ulrich Andres, Graz, Austria XING (S)
  13. Roman Hanhart, Andelfingen, Schweiz Xing | Twitter (L)
  14. Achim Meurer Blog Almstudio | Twitter (L)
  15. Monika Meurer Blog So Isses Twitter (M)
  16. Alex Kühnel, Blog | XING | Twitter, Malta, Austria (M)
  17. Stefan Jäger, Blog | XING | Twitter, Klagenfurt, Austria (M)
  18. Daniel Gollner, HP | XING | Twitter, (M)
  19. Oliver Cerny Facebook (XXL)
  20. Bernhard Kratzwald XING (M)
  21. Johannes Prisse, Klagenfurt, Austria Web (XXXL)
  22. Renate Millebner, Innsbruck, Austria Web Xing (M)
  23. Wolfgang Peter, Innsbruck, Austria, Web Xing (M)
  24. Arno Pucher a.k.a. Eol Ruin Kleine Übersicht @eolruin, Tweets, [email protected]
  25. Thomas Pasterk, Klagenfurt, Austria Blog
  26. ritchie pettauer, Vienna, Austria Blog
  27. Werner Ranner, Klagenfurt Austria | Flickr | XING | Facebook | twitter (L)
  28. Kurt Schwab, Wien / Aschbach-Markt, Austria, XING twitter
  29. Dieter Zirnig, Wien, Austria. Twitter, Sugarmelon, XING (S)

I will perhaps be there / Ich komme vielleicht

  1. Nicole Simon blog (en) / Facebook / Xing / Twitter
  2. João Pinheiro / Facebook
  3. Samuel Gyger Blog (de) / Twitter
  4. Markus Zottler Blog / Facebook / Twitter
  5. Markus Jakobs web / Facebook/Twitter
  6. Christian Klepej (x), Graz, Österreich EnlargeYourPen (L)
  7. (Jana Herwig)
  8. Christoph Prokop Blog / Xing
  9. Alexander Glanzer, Spittal/Drau, Austria Blog | Facebook (L)
  10. Christian Burger Blog | LinkedIn | Facebook
  11. Michael Kurz, Klagenfurt, Austria Blog | Twitter (M)
  12. Oliver Berger Web / Facebook / Xing / Twitter
  13. Jürgen Eixelsberger, Klagenfurt, Austria

I would love to be there but unfortunately cannot make it / Ich kann leider nicht kommen

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