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(Sessions offered)
(Sessions offered)
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* how we are using node.js to build a javascript ide</strike> statt dessen Gastvortrag ca. im Mai
* how we are using node.js to build a javascript ide</strike> statt dessen Gastvortrag ca. im Mai
[!/dominikguzei dominik guzei] und [ Manuel Gottstein]:
[ Birgit Pröll] + [ Thomas Gegenhuber]  
* launch of the 'handshake game platform': play our games, develop new games in javascript, we will show you how
* Vorstellung des Curriculums Webwissenschaften der jku.
[!/bjelline Brigitte Jellinek] (Fachbereich Web + Communities, MMT, FH Salzburg):
[!/bjelline Brigitte Jellinek] (Fachbereich Web + Communities, MMT, FH Salzburg):

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This barcamp is a place for the regional open source and web community to meet and catch up. We invite talks about recent and future developments in web technologies: HTML5, new Javascript APIs, frameworks, development methods, CSS3, no-sql databases, realtime on the web, 2d + 3d graphics in the browser, .... Come here if you have a project to present, if you have a story to tell about using web technologies, if you want to learn something new, if you want to meet other people intrested in building the next web.

the barcamp is free, you could just show up ... but

1) please register through eventbrite:

register early, and we will have enough food and coffee for everyone! register late or not at all, and we will not be able to supply the right infrastructure.

2) if you can offer a session, please add your name below in the wiki.

Sessions wanted

just edit and add your request here....

  • I would like to hear from someone who has used one of the new mvc javascript frameworks for a real project --Brigitte
    • done, see sessions offered :) -- Gregor
  • Real world examples of innovative web projects

Sessions offered

just edit and add your offer here.... the timetable will be decided on by the people who are actually there on friday 11th!

Fabian Jakobs (JavaScript developer at and qooxdoo alumnus.):

  • how we are using node.js to build a javascript ide statt dessen Gastvortrag ca. im Mai

Birgit Pröll + Thomas Gegenhuber

  • Vorstellung des Curriculums Webwissenschaften der jku.

Brigitte Jellinek (Fachbereich Web + Communities, MMT, FH Salzburg):

  • reforming the curriculum - again. how we adapt multimediatechnology to new developments in web technologies

Stefan Regniet & Matthias Edler-Golla :

  • open source html5/css3 mobile presentations for multiple devices (preferably saturday morning)
David Strauß und Eberhart Gräther und Mathias Paumgarten:

Hannes Moser (Interactive Developer + Flash Lover):

  • Automatization and Optimization with ANT for HTML/CSS/JavaScript developers or
  • ActionScript with Molehill (low-level 3D API for Flash Runtime)

(preferably saturday)

Matthias Zeitler:

  • SEO Site Clinic: What really matters and how to improve your ranking. This will be an interactive workshop and participants get specific feedback for their sites. (Thinking about it, perhaps there are some other SEOs that would like to contribute as well?)

Béla Varga (JavaScript developer and MunichJS Organizer):

Gregor Melhorn

  • Javascript MVC real world usage - how we use the Sproutcore framework for complex client side applications at (several million PI per month).

Benjamin Erhart

  • Introducing the newly founded Chaostreff Salzburg.

Hubert Hölzl

  • Comparison of SproutCore and Flex for Rich Internet Applications
  • Maybe: Introducing the RobotLegs Framework (

Dominik Goltermann

  • Comarison of different PUSH Methods for the web: (Long-) Polling, HTTP Streaming and Websockets. Demonstration of a realtime game prototype.

Kerstin Puschke

  • Introduction to CouchDB

Theresa Angerer

  • Current Web3D technologies: XML3D, X3DOM and WebGL
  • Demonstration of WebGL and 3D medical data visualization for vtk-meshes


do you want to help organize this event? That's great, we could use some help! Send E-Mail to [email protected] there is an internal wiki-page for that.

Time Table

before the barcamp starts:

  • 12:00 guided tour of the university (by students)
  • 12:30 Lunch

Friday, March 11 2011

  • 13:00 Welcome, Get Together
  • 13:30 Session Planning
  • 14:00 Session 1 + Diskussion
  • 14:45 Session 2 + Diskussion
  • 15:30 Jause
  • 16:00 Session 3 + Diskussion
  • 16:45 Session 4 + Diskussion
  • 17:30 Session 5 + Diskussion
  • 18:15 Dinner
  • 19:00 Workshop / Hack Night starts

Saturday, March 12 2011

  • 09:00 Breakfast, Get Together
  • 09:45 Session Re-Planning
  • 10:00 Session 6 + Diskussion
  • 10:45 Session 7 + Diskussion
  • 11:30 Session 8 + Diskussion
  • 12:15 Mittagessen
  • 13:00 Session 9 + Diskussion
  • 13:45 Session 10 + Diskussion
  • 14:15 Coffee Break
  • 14:45 Session 11 + Diskussion
  • 15:15 Session 12 + Diskussion
  • 16:00 Retrospective
  • 16:45 The End

after the barcamp