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IT, Web-Development, etc.

Martin Gratzer

Web 2.0 API's: I don't know if this topic is too technical, but I could hold a session on "How to use Web 2.0 APIs for my Web 2.0 Anything". Contact me if you are interested in any specific API. Maybe this session could be organized as little workshop.

Web Accessibility: Because of many positive responses on Accessibility on the last BarCamps I visited, I would like to show tools / methods and guideline check lists which can be used to check the accessibility of web pages / applications.

Web-PLs: Web Developing Languages


  • SiliconAlps
  • Jamendo
  • Photowalking


  • Robert Basic
  • Philipp Lenssen
  • Jens Minor

Free Software

  • GNU
  • OpenSource Software
  • OpenOffice
  • GNU/Linux Distris
  • OpenSource Software for Windows & Mac OS
  • OpenSource Games / Linux Gaming
  • Free Software at school

Hardware etc.

  • iPod-/iPhone-Hacking (SW & HW)
  • Wireless-Connections (Bluetooth, wLan, wMax, HSDPA, UMTS...)
  • GPS etc.
  • Roboter (zB. Hexapod, autonom, halb-autonom,...)